Volunteer Involving Organisations


As an organisation involving volunteers you will receive ongoing support to assist in the recruitment of volunteers, plus additional information about good practice in working with volunteers.

RCVDA offers the following services to Volunteer Involving Organisations:

  • Act as a "signposting'' agency, matching potential volunteers with appropriate opportunities within the local community.

  • Works to promote and encourage local interest in volunteering and community activity

  • Promotes Good Practice in working with volunteers

  • Maintains a comprehensive range of volunteering opportunities

  • Quarterly Volunteer Co-ordinators Forum - Voices for Volunteers

  • Identifies proposals or legislation that may impact on volunteering, and participates in campaigns on issues that affect volunteers or volunteering

Volunteering Opportunities


If you would like us to assist you in finding volunteers contact Trish on 01642 440571 or email trish@rcvda.org.uk. Click here to download registration form. We will then upload this information to www.do-it.org.uk the national online volunteering database.

Potential volunteers can search by postcode for volunteering opportunities that match their interests.

When RCVDA match a potential volunteer to your organisation we forward their details to you with a request that you contact them as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.  It is important that you keep us informed throughout the recruitment process so that if your organisation does not meet the needs of the volunteer we can re- refer them.

It is the responsibility of the Volunteering Involving Organisation to decide if a CRB disclosure is needed


Voices for Volunteers is a forum for Volunteer managers across the Tees Valley co-hosted by RCVDA and MVDA.  Contact Trish Waters for further details trish@rcvda.org.uk