Why Volunteer?



Looking for change? .. modern volunteering is about helping other people and enjoying yourself at the same time, it can be flexible and can give you skills for a new career as well as improving your wellbeing.



Volunteering Opens Doors!


Help others


Giving time could change your life!

The satisfaction you derive from helping others will enhance your own mental attitude and decrease your stress levels. People in need, whatever their age or race benefit from the time that others give!


Pass on your knowledge and experience!

Some people look to volunteering to replicate aspects of paid work lost upon redundancy/retirement, such as organisational structure and time discipline.


Get Involved


Volunteering is for anyone with a few hours to spare

It's a way to build stronger, more active communities in which people have a better quality of life

and the ability to shape their own future.


How to get involved

To view local opportunities on the do-it.org.uk website click here and enter your town or postcode and interests, complete the simple application on the do-it website.