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 No Health without Mental Health


“The mental health of children and young people is to be made a key part of the governments outcome strategy and early intervention policy, including talking therapies for children and young people” www.dh.gov.uk


We are looking to build on our Partnership Working with more schools, as we are already an embedded and integral part of many schools in this area.  We have been providing an in-house flexible school counselling service to 15 schools across Redcar and Cleveland Borough for over seven years. So whether you require

  • A one day service
  • A half a day service i.e. morning
  • or a full weeks service
  • Peer Mentoring Training
  • Attachment Training
  • Level 2 Intro to counselling skills for working with children and young people
  • Self- esteem group work
  • Parenting Programme how to manage difficult teens


It is a confidential but collaborative working partnership counselling service, which is tailored to the individual child and involves parents wherever appropriate.  The service helps children to engage in learning and improves attendance and behaviour. 

A very recent article in the Guardian sites a head teacher who has recently employed a full time therapist in school utilising the pupil premium, he states

  • “Improved attendance and GCSE results with more pupils getting A-C in five GCSE’s including English and Maths, and a reduced rate of exclusions”. “I think our kids are happier, more settled, and it a stable school”. “I felt too much low-level need was being addressed at too high a level” and gives examples of heads of year sorting out rows between friends.  “Schools can be such busy places and when you are busy, your emotional intelligence falls off a cliff” “If we want them to do well in their GCSEs we have to address the underlying problems, which can range from crises around sexual identity to symptoms including hearing voices”  “So many of us are well meaning, but are we really equipped? He says. (The Guardian Tuesday 19 November 2013)


I am confident in our professionalism and competitiveness. The head teachers of our current schools view us as an essential and valued professional service, which has had noticeable results amongst their students.  Furthermore, the feedback from parents whose children have accessed our service has indicated there have been positive outcomes both at school and in the home. 


We are BACP clinically supervised both individually and as a service by Dr Sue Pattison, Exec Chair of Children and Young People’s division of BACP, and abide by their Code of Ethics.  We use measureable outcome data recommended by NICE to demonstrate how a young person’s mental and emotional wellbeing has improved.  We have a direct referral route into Tier 3 and 4 CAMHS for any young person with serious self- harm, suicide ideation or presenting with early on-set psychosis, averting the need for a GP referral and a delay in the process.  We work with partner agencies across the borough.


“Some schools have indicated that school counselling had been included in previous OFSTED inspections and in several schools with a school counselling service, inspectors had met with pupils and parents who had made positive comments about the counselling provision” Counselling in schools: A research study into services for children and young people 2012


I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how Time 4 You School Counselling Service may build on and extend our services to incorporate your school. You can contact me direct on 07926390849 or email Sandra.bell@time4youcounselling.co.uk or bellsa@frebroughacademy.org and also see our website www.time4youcounselling.co.uk.


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