Connecting Together for Change



The Council and the VCS recognise the importance of delivering local services based on the needs of local residents / service users etc.  It is recognised that the VCS organisations in their own right are important in, not only identifying those needs, but also in delivering services to meet those needs.  Further, it has to be acknowledged that the wider community also has a role to play and their input recognised and encouraged.

The Redcar & Cleveland Partnership, (RCP), is the partnership which ensures the engagement of the VCS in strategic partnership working.  The partnership has recognised the critical relationship of the public and community sector inter-dependence.

Nationally, the role of the VCS is increasing in importance.  A number of central government changes and diminishing resources affecting both the VCS and Council has led to an expectation that the VCS will take a full and active part in the delivery of services, development of community strategies and the development and provision of neighbourhood services.

The capacity of the infrastructure of the VCS to take on this increased role has led to understandable concerns within the sector as to their capacity to be able to effectively contribute to this significant change in service delivery.

The VCS cannot act alone in this change of service delivery and a multi-agency approach is needed which includes the Civil Society, this term encompassing a wide and diverse range of organizations including; Universities, Co-operatives & Mutuals, Trade Unions, Faith groups, Housing Associations / Social Landlords, Residents groups and more.  In order to create a healthy mixed economy and ensure effective service delivery it is important to include the views and support of all agencies.