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trustee’s role in a charity is to be the ‘guardians of purpose’, making sure that all decisions put the needs of the beneficiaries first. They safeguard the charity’s assets – both physical assets, including property, and intangible ones, such as its reputation.

Trustees have independent control over, and legal responsibility for, a charity’s management and administration. They play a very important role, almost always unpaid, in a sector that contributes significantly to the character and wellbeing of the country.

Trusteeship can be rewarding for many reasons – from a sense of making a difference to the charitable cause, to new experiences and relationships. It’s also demanding of your time, skills, knowledge and abilities.

Jim Wingham

I was born in Castleford, West Riding of Yorkshire, in a private maternity home. It cost £10, no NHS then and I still have the bill. My father was called up soon after my birth and I did not see him again for several years. He had a good war he, survived. He trained as a pilot in Hollywood USA, meeting many British stars he then moved to Middleton St. George flying Wellington Bombers with the Canadian 420, Snowy Owl Sqn. Here he flew missions to France and Germany moving to Africa to bomb Italy. He was promoted on finishing his tour. and moved to a flying school where my mother and I joined him we billeted on a farm with giant, but gentle carthorse called Dobbin.

After leaving Willow Park Infant and Junior School, Pontefract, with the best school lesson that was recorded as playtime. I then moved up the secondary school. This was built during the 19th Century as a Militia Building, troops from here march out and went to Featherstone and opened fire on striking miners, killing a poor woman hanging out her washing. My father went to the same building but by it was a Grammar school. By the time I went it was a secondary school. Opposite its Great Double studded Doors across the road a very old ancient stone cottage. This was where father and his two siblings where born. We moved to Selby in my final term and left school at Christmas1955.

I started the very next week for a very old firm of W.E Smith, 8 The Crescent, Selby. Seedsman. I stayed there for 9 months earning £2 3s 9p for a 48hr week over 5 ½ days. Then I joined the West Riding Council Highway and Bridges Department as an Apprentice Stone Mason, for £3 7s 6p of a 44-hr week over 5 days. A part of my training was to attend technical college at York, there I met the late great Bill Holland, Master Mason, Foreman Mason at York Minister. He taught me a lot, he set me work which he took to use in the minister itself. I then worked then of Castleford and the Pontefract Corporations, A last working on the castle. By this time, I had moved back to Pontefract got married and started a family. Years of working stone had taken a toll on my shoulders and I had to give up the tools.

I then had a wide variety of different jobs all adding a new skill or area of knowledge or point of contact. Or a new experience. for example, I was once working at a flour mill, I was on the top of the mill having a smoke when a Cooling tower drop to the ground than another one. Also at this time I had developed a interest in youth work and became a part time paid youth leader and undertook training to get the West Riding Certificate of Part time Youth Work, which under Sir Alex Clegg was a much valued qualification to have.

My wife wasn’t too keen on Pontefract and didn’t care too much about the developing rumours about Poulson and connections with the council. We decide to move to Saltburn where Betty had Family.   So, in 1969 I started to work for I.C.I Wilton. The work was light, and the pay was very good indeed. After a time, I became unsettled and tired of been treat as a child by the management I started to look to the future. I needed   new base. On the advice of a neighbour I started to attend Cleveland Technical College at Redcar, where in 15 months I gained 1 A level and 5 O levels and applied for Durham University. I was accepted and after qualifying I did several jobs until a found work with Cleveland County Social Services as a Care Officer at Farndale Child Care Centre. I was place in the Remand Unit, But I steady rose through the ranks to Unit Leader, Gaining both social work and management qualifications as well a hill walking qualification.

About this time, I became interested in local affairs. as it appeared to me the then Borough Council appeared to be out to destroy then fabric of Saltburn. So, I stood for a place on my Parish Council, which I did at the second attempt. I was invited to join the Community Network, becoming in its Chair for many years, sitting on the L.S.P. and other committees and at the request of the Borough Council I took the Chair of the Older Peoples Partnership. At the same time I became the same time  the Chair of Cleveland Local Council Association, with a place on the then National Council  now the National Assembly as well as serving on the Policy Committee as well acting on working parties with Parliament to increase the influence of the sector. Over a ten-year period, I chaired the Saltburn Gill Action Group. A group of people who did the impossible and solved the severe pollution of the gill. When the Council said it could not be done.

I am also active within the Training Partnership of North East Area Town & Parish Councils and the Northern Region of Local Councils. I am also active member several national and local organisations and have many interest, all legal. Including local and family history. I contributed to the Talk of the Town, Saltburn’s famed community magazine.

Register of Charity Trustees' Interests



Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency

A registered charity number 1135959

Company limited by guarantee in England and Wales No 270382



The charity trustees of REDCAR & CLEVELAND VOLUNTARY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (Charitable Company) have implemented a conflicts of interest policy (Conflicts Policy) under which they have agreed that a register will be kept of all interests declared by the charity trustees.


This register is maintained by the Chief Executive of the Charity, who must:

  • record all conflicts, gifts and hospitality declared by the charity trustees in accordance with the Conflicts Policy; and
  • circulate amendments or additions to the register (if any) to the charity trustees at the start of each charity trustee meeting.

As agreed in the Conflicts Policy, at least once in every 12-month period, all charity trustees must review the information relating to themselves contained in this register and declare that the information is correct or make a further declaration if necessary.


This register is available for inspection by any charity trustee (and any member of the public) on request.

Trustees and CEO Register


  • Jim Wingham
  • Wade Tovey
  • Michael Caveney
  • Mike Milen – CEO