Terms and Conditions for Tees Valley Wheels 2 Work

The following conditions form the agreement between Redcar and Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency (RCVDA) and the Tees Valley Wheels 2 Work (TVW2W) customer, whereby the hire vehicle is hired for a period at the sole discretion of RCVDA.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The hire vehicle will be used only by the TVW2W customer who completed and signed this form.
  2. The TVW2W customer will pay RCVDA the sum of £30.00 per week or £130.00 per month for the period they have the hire vehicle. Should the TVW2W customer fail to make the payments as agreed, then RCVDA retain the right to remove the hire vehicle. A £130.00 initial payment will be paid by the TVW2W customer prior to delivery of the hire vehicle. Failure to make subsequent scheduled payments may result in the removal of the hire vehicle.
  3. When not in use, the hire vehicle will be locked and secured, using locks. Where the TVW2W customer has the use of a garage, the hire vehicle should be locked within the garage overnight.
  4. The TVW2W customer will keep the hire vehicle in good condition and comply with the Highway Code and all obligations imposed by the law or bylaws, no passengers are to be carried on the hire vehicle at any time.
  5. If, during the hire period, the driver is involved in or becomes aware of any accident involving the hire vehicle, whether acknowledged or denied, they will report it immediately to the TVW2W Coordinator at RCVDA. This may result in an insurance claim and the TVW2W customer will be responsible for the first £500.00 of any claim which is the TVW2W customer’s fault.
  6. The TVW2W customer will provide full assistance to the TVW2W Coordinator at RCVDA in respect of any claim or alleged claim arising from the use of the hire vehicle.
  7. In the event of the TVW2W customer being convicted of any motoring offence involving use of the hire vehicle or any other vehicle, they must report it to the TVW2W Coordinator at RCVDA immediately.
  8. The TVW2W customer accepts all responsibility and liability for any fixed penalty notices or fines incurred in connection with their use of the hire vehicle and authorises RCVDA to supply a copy of these Terms & Conditions to any authority or organisation issuing such fixed penalty notices or fines.
  9. RCVDA reserve the right to end the hire period and collect the vehicle at any time.
  10. The TVW2W customer or anyone else must not attempt to modify the hire vehicle in any way. In the event RCVDA discovers a hire vehicle assigned to the TVW2W customer who completed and signed this form has been modified, then the hire period for the TVW2W customer will end immediately.
  11. The Insurance Policy only covers the TVW2W customer on a hire vehicle provided by the TVW2W programme and no other vehicle whatsoever.
  12. The TVW2W customer must inform the TVW2W Coordinator of any change in their health which would be required to be reported to the DVLA in relation to holding a driving licence. This includes any physical or mental infirmity, diabetes, fits or heart complaint. The TVW2W customer must also inform the TVW2W Coordinator about any prescribed medication which may affect their ability to operate the hire vehicle.
  13. The TVW2W customer must hold a valid CBT certificate or pass a CBT training course, (usually 1-2 days), before they can ride the hire vehicle on the road.
  14. The TVW2W customer must hold a valid provisional driver’s licence or a valid full driver’s licence before they can ride the hire vehicle on the road.
  15. The TVW2W customer is to ensure that their hired vehicle has enough charge to complete the journey. If the user’s vehicle runs out of charge the user will be asked to pay a £40.00 call out charge at the point of collection.
  16. The TVW2W customer will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the machine in accordance with the Scheme handbook and including: –
    • a)  Check brake oil levels every week. (If you notice a drop in oil level please report immediately to coordinator)
    • b)  Check that the horn and all lights are working (report faults immediately to coordinator)
    • c)  Ensure all lights, number plate, ‘L’ plate & reflectors are kept clean.
    • d)  Ensure brakes are operating correctly (report faults immediately to coordinator)
    • e)  Check tyres for wear and correct pressure, inflate as required (report faults immediately to coordinator)
    • f)  Wash & clean the machine at least once a week. The hire vehicle must be cleaned before any service.
  17. The TVW2W customer must return the hire vehicle in a similar condition (including a full battery charge) as when it was first hired. If a hire vehicle is returned in an unacceptable condition a maintenance bill is likely to be incurred by the TVW2W customer.